APOLLO provides breakthrough recoil reduction for those who want the best performance available. Experience smooth, on-target recoil compensation in a competition-legal package. Like all Ultradyne muzzle devices, Apollo is Dynamount-compatible for superior on-barrel sight performance. Available in .223 | 5.56 and .308 | 7.62.
Apollo / C4 Dynamount Sight Combo
Get the ultimate in Ultradyne performance by combining Apollo, the most performant compensator on the market, with our C4 Precision Folding Sights. Combo includes Apollo, Dynamount Front Sight, and optional C4 Rear Sight to provide a complete recoil management and barrel-mounted sight system.
ATHENA allows a shooter to inexpensively upgrade their rifle to the Dynamount Sighting System. Muzzle rise has been optimized as well, with gas vented at an angle then forward. This sends a lower percent of sound back towards the shooter, optimizing sonic performance over recoil.
Athena / C4 Dynamount Sight Combo
Our best value when it comes to getting your front sight on the barrel where it belongs. Combo includes Athena, Dynamount Front Sight, and optional C4 Rear Sight for on-barrel sighting performance at a great price.
C4 Front Sight Post
Replacement aperture for all C4 Front Sights, available in many sizes for your specific application.  
C4 Front/Rear Sight Combo
For those wishing to mount their sights on a handguard rail, our C4 Front/Rear sight combo combines front aperture sight precision with our uniquely adjustable rear sight.
C4 Precision Folding Front Sight
The C4 Front Sight is the first of its kind, bringing precision front aperture technology to backup iron sights. Interchangeable front sight apertures provide options for any application.
C4 Precision Folding Rear Sight
Rock-solid performance in a compact form-factor with elevation adjustment from 200 to 600 yards. An integral part of the C4 Sight System, best paired with the C4 Precision Folding Front Sight.
C4 Rear Aperture
Replacement aperture for C4 Rear Sight.
MERCURY has been meticulously engineered for the .223 | 5.56 caliber to provide superior recoil reduction and neutralize muzzle rise with a smooth, balanced release of blast energy. Progressive 90º side ports vent combusting gases at intervals that spread out the recoil impulse for efficient, accurate follow-up shots.
Mercury / C4 Dynamount Sight Combo
Mercury's lightweight profile and smooth recoil are a great compliment to our C4 Precision Folding sights. Combo includes Mercury, Dynamount Front Sight, and optional C4 Rear Sight for a fully-integrated, high-performance setup.
Muzzle Device Collar
Replacement collar for muzzle devices without a Dynamount accessory such as the C4 Dynamount Front Sight mounted.