Gas Block

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The Quantum allows you to custom tune a rifles performance to a specific rifle and ammunition combination.  Having a gas block adjusted precisely allows the bolt carrier group to cycle only hard enough to extract and feed the new round into the chamber without hammering hard against the receiver extension.  The adjustability can easily improve the performance of any rifle, but it is especially important for the competitive shooter or when using hotter ammo or a suppressor which sends significantly more gas rearward.  The Quantum allows for a smoother, cleaner and cooler cycle which improves performance by levelling the feel of the shot and reducing recoil.  This results in quicker, more accurate follow up shots.  A perfectly tuned Quantum gas block also neutralizes the increased gas pressure created by hot ammo and suppressors which minimizes wear and tear on a rifle and creates less fouling, so your rifle continues to function flawlessly for years to come.