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Muzzle Brakes

When shooting a gun, every action that occurs after firing has an equal and opposite reaction. When a large gun is fired, there will be an equally large recoil. This recoil greatly affects the accuracy of the shot. Muzzle brakes attach to the muzzle of the gun and help reduce recoil after the gun is fired. Muzzle brakes work by redirecting the gasses that come out of the gun horizontally and vertically. This simple redirection of gasses can dramatically decrease recoil to up 50% less for the shooter.

Choosing a muzzle device is dependent upon the model of gun but are typically used on larger firearms. Different models of muzzle brakes are better for less recoil, while others are better for less noise. Ultradyne would be more than happy to help you select a muzzle device that fits your needs and works best for your firearm. Ultradyne carries a variety of muzzle devices including popular models such as ar15 muzzle brakes, 308 muzzle brakes, and ak47 muzzle brakes.

Rifle Accuracy

While muzzle brakes purpose is to reduce recoil, they also aid in creating more accurate shots. Muzzle brakes have been in use since World War 2 and without them, most rifles would be unshootable.

Rifles improve accuracy because they reduce fatigue. The user is not constantly bracing for recoils and exhausting themselves every time the rifle is fired. Less exhaustion means steadier hands and more accurate shots. The lack of recoil helps the shooter stay accurate when firing multiple rounds. When the rifle doesn’t recoil, the shooter can stay on target for follow up shots which aids in rifle accuracy.

Contrary to belief, the muzzle device doesn’t affect firing. The muzzle device only interacts with gas that leaves the rifle after it is fired and does not come in contact with the bullet.The muzzle break may slightly alter the point of impact load but this is fairly standard for rifles when a muzzle device is used. The change in the point of impact load can be easily countered with personal adjustments and practice.