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Iron Sights: C4 Precision Folding Sights

The C4 precision folding front and rear sights, align to provide accurate views of the target. In the front sight, a small hole allows the user to see the the target without any obstruction. All adjustments to zeroing and windage can be adjusted on the front sight. The entire base on the front sight is mobile allowing quick and easy alterations. On the rear folding sight, the bullet drop and windage can be adjusted just like a scope. This makes the folding sights great for long distance shots with optimum rifle accuracy.

Why Choose An Iron Sight Over A Rifle Scope

As a first time rifle buyer or a repeat customer, choosing the mechanism you are going to use to aim the rifle is pertinent. There are a variety of different sights including an iron sight, a rifle scope, and a red dot sight. Depending on what the rifle is going to be used for will best help indicate which sight is right for you. Aiming systems have diverse aspects that will make them more or less suited for certain activities and gun users. All of the aiming sights have various prices and levels of durability. Based upon your experience level and what you want to use your rifle for, can help determine which sight is right for you.

Rifle Scopes

Scopes are best suited to hit larger, and farther away targets. The scope lets in more light which makes it ideal for dawn or dusk hunting. Scopes are the most convenient for those with poor vision or when the visibility in the surrounding area is low.

Scopes are not a durable attachment and need to be handled with care. If the scope gets bumped or damaged when being transported it may need to be replaced. Any damage to a scope qualifies needing a new one. Additionally, scopes can be heavy and bulky. They are built for hunting when staying in one spot but, are not equipped for excessive walking or hiking. The extra pounds of a scope can exhaust the user easily and may affect shooting if the user is tired from carrying their rifle. Rifle scopes also take more time to lock in on the target and are not ideal for fast moving targets.

Iron Sights

Iron sights are designed to be durable and light. They are tough and hard to damage. The heaviest iron sight will weigh a couple ounce at most and are fairly inexpensive. Iron sights and are excellent for traveling, hiking and walking. A high quality iron sight can often be purchased for less than a low quality scope. Iron sights allow the user to quickly narrow in on the target and fire within seconds. When looking through the rear sight, the human eye quickly aligns and locks on the front sight. Iron sights are multi-purpose and can be used in hunting or shooting for fun. Iron sights have been used for a long time and if anything provide an authentic rifle experience. Iron sights provide the same accuracy as a rifle scope if they are used properly.

Iron sights have the most trouble in low light because they don’t offer magnification. Iron sites while suited for distance, don’t have as far of a range of distance that scopes do.