UD Adjustable Butt Stock, L-XL (LOP: 13.50”-14.75”)


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The UD Adjustable Butt Stock is machined from solid 6061 T6 making it light enough for a 6-pound hunting rifle, yet strong enough to accommodate accessories and weights for a 16-pound competition rifle. It is fully adjustable and once adjusted, it stays at the desired settings without any slop or annoying rattle. It comes standard with a detachable Bag Rider and QD sling interface.

Small frame or large, nearly any shooter will be able to be custom fitted with one of the two length of pull models. The M-L Model LOP, (”Length of Pull”), is 12.50″ to 13.75″ and The L-XL LOP is 13.50″ to 14.75″. The Cheek Rest interface is also adjustable, allowing for up and down movement of 1.0″ and forward and back movement of 1.25″. Once a perfect fit is made, both the Cheek Rest and Length of Pull are securely held in place by a single set screw. The Ultradyne Recoil Pad offers even more adjustability with 15 different positions up, down, and left or right canted. Whether you have a Bolt Gun or MSR, the Ultradyne Adjustable Butt Stock fits any Mil Spec buffer tube interface.

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