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Apollo Max / C4 Dynamount Sight Combo

Get the ultimate in Ultradyne performance by combining Apollo, the most performant compensator on the market, with our C4 Precision Folding Sights. Combo includes Apollo, Dynamount Front Sight, and optional C4 Rear Sight to provide a complete recoil management and barrel-mounted sight system. View Detail

Muzzle Devices

Apollo MAX

APOLLO provides breakthrough recoil reduction for those who want the best performance available. Experience smooth, on-target recoil compensation in a competition-legal package. Like all Ultradyne muzzle devices, Apollo is Dynamount-compatible for superior on-barrel sight performance. Available in .223 | 5.56 and .308 | 7.62.
C4 Precision Folding Front Sight
From $119.00
C4 Precision Folding Rear Sight
C4 Front/Rear Sight Combo
C4 Precision Offset Folding Front Sight
C4 Precision Offset Folding Rear Sight
C4 Offset Folding Sight Combo
Apollo Max / C4 Dynamount Sight Combo
From $217.00
Mercury / C4 Dynamount Sight Combo
From $199.00
Athena / C4 Dynamount Sight Combo
From $169.00
C4 Front Sight Post
C4 Rear Aperture
Sight Adjustment Tool
Oversize Shrouded Timing Nut
Muzzle Device Collar

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The Dynamount Advantage


Easily improve performance of your back up iron sights with Dynamount from Ultradyne

Post by Bill Orf on Jul 21, 2018
Dynamount from Ultradyne eliminates shift in zero due to handguard flex, and gives you the longest possible sight radius.  Giving...
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Alabama Arsenal goes LONG range with Ultradyne C4 Iron Sights!

Post by Bill Orf on Jul 18, 2018
The guys at Alabama Arsenal got to try out the C4 sights and Mercury muzzle brake from Ultradyne.  We think you'll...
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