How do I start a return/refund/exchange?

Ultradyne does not have an exchange program for our products. However, we offer a return/refund option for unused/unopened products.

Please contact Customer Service ( or 573-299-0900 to initiate the process.

What is the difference between the Apollo Max, Apollo S, and Apollo LR?

The Apollo Max is the best performing muzzle brake that Ultradyne offers- the configuration of the angled 4 side ports and V ports at the end of the muzzle give the best performance on the market regarding recoil reduction and muzzle rise mitigation. The Apollo S is just a small step down from the Apollo Max- we were able to fit 5 ports on the side of it, but the size of the ports are smaller and the angle of the side ports is less aggressive, leaving a muzzle brake that has a slight decrease in performance as well as price. The Apollo LR will perform practically identical as the Apollo Max, except it is slightly thicker and longer, engineered to withstand the higher pressures better of typically magnum loads. We find that it is the ideal device for shooter interested in long range shooting or precision shooting. Please make sure to check to see if your caliber is listed for being rated for the muzzle device you go with.

Will the Apollo Max work for larger .30 cal rounds (300 Win Mag, .30-06, 300 PRC)?

We do not rate the Apollo Max for the larger caliber rounds in .30 cal due to the higher pressures than .308/7.62. The Apollo LR 300 is the appropriate Apollo style muzzle brake for these calibers. For more clarity, please contact Customer Service

Can I use Ultradyne's Iron Sight Systems on my bolt action rifle?

Our Iron Sight Systems are designed/engineered with the AR in mind. The C4 Dynamount Front Sight is designed for typical MSR height-over-bore. As such, most bolt action rifles will likely not be compatible unless necessary hardware is purchased/installed.

Which Muzzle Brake should I go with for hunting?

Ultradyne Muzzle devices are recommended to be used with proper hearing protection, which may not be optimal in a hunting application. The Mercury would be the ideal Ultradyne muzzle brake for hunting, featuring a lightweight design with 90 degree ports that blow concussion/noise out away from the shooter. The Athena is another great alternative for hunting that diverts all the gas/noise forward. Make sure to always use hearing protection with all Ultradyne muzzle devices however.

How do I know which timing nut to select for the Apollo LR?

The diameter at the shoulder of the barrel will need to be measured. If the diameter is 0.875” (7/8”) or less, the standard timing nut (0.875”) will be the selection. If the diameter at the shoulder is between 1” and 0.875”, the 1” timing nut will be the selection. This same process will be needed for our other muzzle devices if a larger timing nut is needed than the standard nut that comes with the package.

Can I pin and weld an Ultradyne Muzzle Device?

We do not provide pre-drilled holes for pin and welding in our muzzle devices. A professional gunsmith will need to be sought out for the proper modification of Ultradyne devices for pin and welding.

What if my caliber that I am using is not listed as rated for an Ultradyne device?

Ultradyne has specifically tested and rated for each corresponding device a list of calibers that we rate for each device. If a specific caliber is not listed, it explicitly means we do not rate that caliber for the corresponding muzzle device.

For more clarity, please contact Customer Service ( or 573-299-0900.

What if my barrel does not meet the length requirement for an Ultradyne muzzle device?

Each Ultradyne Muzzle Brake features a specific minimum barrel length rating designated for safe operation. Disregarding this length requirement endangers the shooter to the effects of the ejected high pressure and temperature gases. Note: the Athena Linear Compensator does not feature a specific barrel length requirement.

I am a left-handed shooter - can I use the Offset Sight systems on the left side?

Our Offset Sight systems were developed and optimized for the right hand shooter. However, it is possible to use them on the left side. Simply mount them with the sight tower on the left side, unthreading the eye piece of the rear sight and threading it in on the opposite side that it was originally installed in. Note: the sights will now flip “forward” instead of “rearward”.