UD Dynalock Barricade + Arca-Pic Clamp


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The UD Dynalock Barricade has two studs that can be inserted into any Ultradyne Chassis or Ultradyne Arca Rail with a simple upwards movement. When engaged, the Dynalock does not allow any forward or back movement of the Barricade. It can be attached to ARMS 17S mounting Clamps, including Ultradyne Arca and Arca-Pic Clamps, making the Dynalock Barricade rock solid.

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UD Dynalock Barricade, UD Dynalock Barricade + Arca Clamp, UD Dynalock Barricade + Arca-Pic Clamp

Weight 3.0 oz Dimensions 2.83” x 1.95” x .94” (L x W x H) Materials 6061 T6 Aluminum Finish Hardcoat Anodize