6.5 PRC 1 MOA at 1,000 Yards

In this video we cover a 6.5 PRC build. From the action and barrel, to the chassis system and accessories, to the optic and all details in between. We then take this build to the range and put it to the test attempting to shoot 1 MOA at 1,000 Yards! Check it out below, as well as the products featured in this video:

Featured Products:

UD Chassis: https://ultradyneusa.com/product/ud-chassis-builder/

Adjustable Butt Stock: https://ultradyneusa.com/product/ud-adjustable-butt-stock/

UD Launch Pad: https://ultradyneusa.com/product/ud-launch-pad/

Chassis Weights: https://ultradyneusa.com/product-category/accessories/weights/

UD Double Thumb Grip: https://ultradyneusa.com/product/ud-double-thumb-rest-grip-right-handed/

UD Spigot: https://ultradyneusa.com/product/ud-spigot/

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