How to Install a Dynamount Front Sight

At Ultradyne USA, we are proud of our new line of firearms accessories. One of the most important aspects of getting the best results from your Ultradyne products is to ensure that they are set up properly.

Before beginning installation, you will need to make sure you have all of the tools and parts handy. Check that you have the timing nut, the muzzle device and the Dynamount Front Sight. Also, decide if you’d like to mount your front sight in the standard or 45 degree offset configuration. For tightening, you will need a torque wrench and standard wrenches as detailed in the chart below. To double-check alignment, you can use a level as a reference after installation. For a more detailed information, please refer to the instructions here.

Device: Apollo 223 » Wrench Flat: 13/16 inch
Device: Apollo 308 » Wrench Flat: 13/16 inch
Device: Mercury 223 » Wrench Flat: 3/4 inch
Device: Athena 223 » Wrench Flat: 7/8 inch

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Learn how to install an Ultradyne compensator with the Dynamount Front Sight from our video:

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