UD Lightweight Butt Stock Cheek Riser



Easily adapt your UD Lightweight Butt Stock to align your eye with your optic. Each cheek riser was designed to be used with corresponding scope rings, giving the user the ideal cheek height for their rifle. Easily install the cheek riser by snapping it into place on your lightweight butt stock, and enjoy the comfortable interface that it provides.


  • Material: Nylon 12
  • Butt Stock Compatibility: UD Lightweight Butt Stock
  • Length: 4.75"
  • 1.81 oz
  • Height From Tube: 0.900"
  • Scope Ring Height: Low
  • 1.9 oz
  • Height From Tube: 1.05"
  • Scope Ring Compatibility: Medium
  • 2 oz
  • Height From Tube: 1.200"
  • Scope Ring Compatibility: High

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