Remington 700 Chassis Systems

Remington 700 Chassis
The Remington Model 700 is popular for its precision and accuracy, making it a favorite among hunters and competitive shooters. Its versatility in calibers and configurations suits various shooting needs, and it has extensive customization options. Known for reliability and durability, it withstands harsh conditions well. With a legacy since 1962 and use by military and law enforcement worldwide, the Remington 700 has a strong reputation in the firearms community.

Why Upgrade To An Ultradyne Remington 700 Chassis?

The Ultradyne Remington 700 chassis offers significant benefits, including enhanced stability and accuracy due to its rigid platform and free floating barrel system. It provides extensive customization options with adjustable components for a personalized fit to any shooter, and is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum with an anodized or Cerakote finish. Ultradyne Remington 700 Chassis systems are modular, featuring an integrated Arca rail for accessories, a spigot for extended forend and rail length, and a bridge that adds night vision compatibility.

Additionally, they improve ergonomics, enhancing handling and reducing fatigue during extended use. The one-piece design of the Ultradyne Chassis weighs between 1.1 and 1.3 pounds, depending on the model, making it suitable for both lightweight hunting rifles (as little as 6 pounds) and heavier long-range target rifles (up to 17 pounds). When paired with the Ultradyne Adjustable Butt Stock, it remains lighter than most factory stocks, with the option to add up to 5 pounds using optional weights.

The Ultradyne Chassis is feature-rich, including an adjustable magazine release lever and compatibility with AICS magazines. It can work with any Mil-Spec butt stock, features a built-in Arca rail, M-LOK slots on three sides, and utilizes Dynalock technology for a secure fit. The action is secured with V-channel bedding, accommodating free-floated barrels up to 1.35 inches in diameter, and includes the option to bed the recoil lug. All Ultradyne Remington 700 Chassis are 100% made in the United States.

What Size Chassis Does Ultradyne Offer?

Ultradyne currently offers 3 different length options for Remington 700 chassis.

  • 17 oz
  • 15.3” Overall Length, 5.75″ Forend Length, 4.2” Arca Length
  • 8 M-LOK Slots
  • 19 oz
  • 18.5” Overall Length, 9.25″ Forend Length, 7.7” Arca Length
  • 14 M-LOK Slots
UD7 Short Action
  • 21 oz
  • 21.6” Overall Length, 11.35″ Forend Length, 10.8” Arca Length
  • 20 M-LOK Slots
UD7 Long Action
  • 25 oz
  • 22” Overall Length, 11.35″ Forend Length, 10.8” Arca Length
  • 20 M-LOK Slots

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