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Apollo S vs SJC Titan by Kataboy32. King of the Muzzle Brakes!

Ever wonder how the Apollo S stacks up against the SJC Titan. Here’s a review by Kataboy32 Tactical that tells the story!

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The Daily Shooter Review of the .308/7.62 Apollo “The Apollo Max Muzzle Brake, This Thing Is Crazy Good”

The Daily Shooter team has a new favorite muzzle brake! Watch the video and see what they had to say about the performance of the Apollo Max.

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Ultradyne C4 Sights & Apollo Muzzle Brake at IV8888 Range Day

Watch The Social Regressive review the Ultradyne C4 sights and Apollo Muzzle Brake. The Ultradyne C4 iron sights come equipped with Dynalign technology, making for an intuitive aiming system.

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