UD Launch Pad



The Ultradyne Launch Pad is designed to reduce recoil and maintain the natural interface between the rifle and shooter. It features a 3/8-16 thread at the top of a 7/8-inch solid steel vertical adjustment bolt that is compatible with most ballheads and gun vises. The Launch Pad is especially effective in combination with the Ultradyne Orbit Ballhead with Dynalock at the range and with the Grasp Gun Vise at the bench.

This system offers the ability to add lead shot, sandbags, or even gym weights (with the optional adapter) to the front plate. Transferring recoil of a firearm to a weighted Launch Pad by using a locking interface like UD Dynalock or Picatinny affords the user a natural shooting position with the shoulder against the buttstock and a wide range of motion for aiming.

After shooting, the Launch Pad can be easily transported to a workbench for cleaning or gunsmithing work. It can hold the firearm via Arca, Picatinny, or in a gun vise, allowing for easy manipulation and access for servicing.

Weight 10 lbs. Length 18.5” Width 8.0” Height 4.75” Threads 3/8” - 16.0” Vertical Adjustment 3.0” Adjustable Feet 2 Finish: Cerakote® Nitride Hardcoat Anodize


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